Northeast Central Durham

  1. 2007 Focus Group Findings

    Review what the focus group found with regards to Northeast Central Durham.

  2. 2007 Focus Group Report

    In 2007, The City of Durham’s departments of Neighborhood Improvement Services (NIS) and Community Development (DCD) partnered to conduct a series of focus groups to gather data on the quality of life in the community, assess the community’s needs, and improve citizen awareness of services provided in Northeast Central Durham (NECD). These focus groups were comprised of citizens that reside, work, and own businesses in Northeast Central Durham (NECD) and Partners Against Crime (PAC) District 1.

  3. Background

    The focus of recent public intervention and attention, Northeast Central Durham is often defined as a neighborhood facing difficult challenges. This definition pays little regard to the rich and varied history of this area's 4 distinct neighborhoods. While civic and municipal leaders clearly look forward to addressing the challenges facing this section of Durham, much can be gained by also glancing back at this historically significant area.

  4. Leadership Council

    The Northeast Central Durham Leadership Council is a group of community leaders, activists, business owners, and residents of Northeast Central Durham. The 18-member group boasts a high level of diversity, dedication, and distinction that isn’t often found in grass-roots community organizations.

  5. Livability Initiative (PDF)

    Download the Livability Initiative - A Partnership for Sustainable Communities Presentation.

  6. Northeast Central Durham Neighborhood Plans (PDF)

    Review the 6 plans for the Northeast Central Durham Neighborhood.

  7. VOICE

    The Northeast Central Durham Community VOICE goal is to foster civic engagement by focusing on this unique community, and thus lift it up with stories, photos and video that provide a meeting place so we can all hear and appreciate the authentic voices of Northeast Central Durham.