1. Flashing Left-Turn Arrow Information

    A flashing yellow arrow means left-turns are permitted, but drivers must yield to oncoming traffic, pedestrians, and bicyclists. These new signal displays are designed to make it easier for drivers to know what to do when making a left-turn and reduce accidents at signalized intersections. The key for drivers to remember is what the signal colors mean - red means stop, yellow means use caution, and green means proceed.

  2. Traffic & Safety Studies

    In 2003, the City of Durham Department of Transportation began developing a procedural outline for instituting an Accident Reduction Program. This program identifies, implements, and monitors improvements to intersections with the intention of reducing fatalities, frequency of crashes, property damage, and injuries at intersections in the city.

  3. Traffic & Safety Study Methodology

    The City of Durham uses a combination of methods to identify study locations. Experts agree that there is not one method used that is superior. The city uses a systematic approach based on the frequency and severity methods to identify candidate study locations.