1. Bicycle Rack

    The City of Durham has a program for placing new bicycle racks. The city usually installs bicycle racks only on public property.

  2. Speed Humps (PDF)

    Download the speed hump policy to learn how to get speed humps installed.

  3. Speed Limit Change

    Transportation staff investigate speed limit change requests before the city traffic engineer makes a determination.

  4. Stop Sign for My Neighborhood

    Learn how to get a stop sign installed in your neighborhood.

  5. Traffic Sign Repair

    Submit a brief online form to bring a malfunctioning traffic sign to the attention of the Transportation Department.

  6. Traffic Signal Repair or Timing

    Fill out an online form to request changes be made to an existing traffic signal.

  7. Street Light Outages

    Street lights within the Durham city limits are owned, operated, and maintained by either Duke Energy Company or Piedmont Electric Membership Corporation.