South Roxboro St Restriping Plan

Project Coordinator

Leslie Tracey
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Project Description

The City of Durham Public Works Department plans to repave South Roxboro Street between Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway and Hope Valley Road in 2018. The City of Durham Transportation Department has proposed a lane reconfiguration for the section of South Roxboro Street between Juliette Drive, Gaithers Point Drive, and Hope Valley Road. Currently, this section does not have bicycle lanes, which start north of Juliette Drive. The City’s Transportation Department has proposed removing a travel lane in this section in order to add a bicycle lane. The cross-section would change from two travel lanes in both directions to one travel lane in each direction plus a bicycle lane in each direction. The left turn lanes along the corridor will remain unchanged. A similar project was completed successfully on US 15-501 Business (Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard) between University Drive and Legion Avenue in 2015.

With one lane of travel in each direction, speeds may decrease slightly and drivers, especially those turning from a side street, may feel safer. A speed study conducted in 2013 showed that the average speed on South Roxboro Street near Juliette Drive is about 42 mph. Decreasing the number of lanes can reduce speeds, because one car can set the pace for all others. When crashes do occur, they will be less severe at lower speeds. Pedestrians may also feel more comfortable crossing South Roxboro Street because even though they will cross the same width of asphalt, they will be navigating only one lane of vehicle traffic from each direction.

The project will include repaving the road surface and restriping the travel lanes. All work will be within the existing street limits and will not affect adjacent properties. The lane configuration for the section of South Roxboro Road between Carlton Crossing Drive and Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway will not change.

Currently, South Roxboro Street carries about 6,000 vehicles per day (vpd) on this section. Studies have shown that one lane in each direction can comfortably accommodate from 12,000 vpd up to 14,000 vpd without introducing congestion or delay for drivers. Durham-Chapel Hill Boulevard, for example, was reconfigured to one lane in each direction with about 14,000 vpd using the roadway.

The City has proposed a realignment and extension of South Roxboro Street as part of its long-range transportation plan. That project is proposed to be completed by 2035, but it is currently unfunded and the schedule is subject to change. The long-range projections show that South Roxboro Street would continue to function well in the future with one lane of travel in each direction, even after the realignment is completed. However, the City’s Transportation Department will reassess the street when this project moves forward, and if the extra capacity is needed, the street can be returned to the current cross-section.

The plans can be viewed by clicking the link on the right of the page. Comments can be provided here. Comments were due by November 30, 2017.