Parking Rules

  1. Parking is allowed only in designated spaces.
  2. Anyone parking in a designated parking space is required to pay the rate appropriate for the location and time spent parked as determined by the rates posted.
  3. When there is a dispute as to the rate, the patron is asked to pay the fee asked by the cashier, get a receipt and call PARKDurham Parking System office at 919-680-2481.
  4. Only one vehicle shall be parked at any given time per pass card, keycard, contract card or other such device. Allowing others in or out of a facility may result in loss of the parking contract privilege and require the parker to pay the hourly rate for the time parked or towing at the owners expense.
  5. Only those properly displaying either handicapped/disabled parking permit or those with handicapped/disabled license plates may park in spaces designated as handicapped/disabled. Posted parking rates still apply to users of these spaces.
  6. Motorcycles are discouraged from using facilities with automated access control equipment. Motorcycles must be parked in designated parking spaces and are charged the $40 month.
  7. At cashier-operated facilities, parking fees are collected upon exit from the facility. Payment shall be either in U.S. cash, check drawn on a U.S. bank or via pre-paid token/voucher/stamps.
  8. Parking validation stamps may be purchased through the PARKDurham System office at 326 East Chapel Hill Street, Monday - Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. They are sold in books of 100 for $70 and each stamp is valid for 1 hour of parking.
  9. The City's Parking System Division reserves the right to close part or all of a facility for maintenance or repair. Alternative parking will be provided when possible.
  10. Those people with valid key cards are required to use them whenever they enter or exit their facility and park in the appropriate location at all times. Parking in incorrect locations may result in the loss of the parking contract privilege and require the parker to pay the hourly rate for the time parked and are subject to towing at the owners expense.
  11. No overnight parking is allowed in any city parking facility.
  12. No repair work shall be performed on vehicles parking in city parking facilities. This shall include, but not be limited to oil changes, tune-ups or brake repair.
  13. No automotive parts such as batteries, tires or body parts shall be left nor dumped in city parking facilities.
  14. Loitering and possession or consumption of alcoholic beverages in city parking facilities is prohibited.
  15. No skateboarding, inline skating (roller-blading), roller-skating or bicycle riding on any ramp is allowed in any city parking facility.
  16. No refunds are given at cashier booths. If you have a question regarding change given, call the PARKDurham Parking System office at 919-680-2481.
  17. If you lose your entrance ticket, you will be charged the lost ticket fee indicated on the parking rate sign at the entrance and given a receipt as you leave the facility. If you later find your entrance ticket and wish to recover the difference between the fee paid and the amount you actually owed, send the entrance ticket and the receipt along with your name and address to:
    PARKDurham Parking Systems
    P.O. Box 1370
    Durham, NC 27702