A unique feature of the Durham Pedestrian Plan is our effort to map every public sidewalk and hard surface trail in the City of Durham. The level of detail of these maps is really surprising to a lot of people. Once completed, this interactive map will be accurate to within about one meter and provide Durham with a number of new tools that we don’t have now:
  • A better way to maintain the pedestrian system more cost-effectively by putting maintenance ahead of costly replacements
  • A powerful planning tool to see where walking connections are most needed
  • An online map for people to use to see where walking facilities are already provided
  • Help us complete the DurhamWalks! pedestrian plan
As we get more maps in draft and final forms, we’ll post them from this webpage. You can help us check our information on draft maps and start using the final versions to plan your next walk around town.

We have 4 fully complete grid cells to review, and are internally checking 19 more. The inventory crews have completed their work south of downtown, and are moving northward now. Click on the text below or map square to view the sidewalk inventory for the portions of the project that have been completed and submitted to the City of Durham for review. The following is a list of available maps that show 2002 aerial photography and sidewalk locations as well as hazards and obstacles observed in the field: