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Community Development Department

Guided by the City’s Strategic Plan, the department helps to ensure that the City has thriving, livable neighborhoods by enhancing housing quality and affordability for Durham residents.
The Department of Community Development is responsible for coordinating the City’s community development and neighborhood stabilization and revitalization efforts including financial empowerment and home retention, affordable housing, and homelessness services programs. The City implements these services by working with developers and community housing development organizations.
2015 Audrey Nelson Community Development
Acheivement Award
On January 23,2015, the National Commmunity Development Association (NCDA) recgonized the winners of the 2015 Audrey Nelson Community Development Achievement Award dirrin an awards luncheon at the NCDA Winter conference in Washington, DC. 
Image of Audrey Nelson award presentation 


Five Year 2015-2020 Consolidated Plan Survey
How should the City of Durham allocate its federal dollars over the next five years to address housing and community development needs?  Now's your chance to make your opinion known thanks to a new online survey designed for residents to give input on how to determine Durham's priorities and strategies.
All surveys must be submitted by 2 p.m. on Friday, March 6, 2015.
Discover Durham's New Destination ... Southside - A Neighborhood Brimming With Opportunities


The City of Durham, Department of Community Development is offering down payment assistance to qualified buyers who are interested in purchasing a home in this new beautiful neighborhood.
There are multiple programs available to help you purchase your new home in Southside:

The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency is offering 15 percent of the sales price as a deferred mortgage at 0 percent interest when you use an approved lender.

The City of Durham is offering up to $20,000 as an amortizing mortgage at 2 percent for 30 years and up to $20,000 as a forgivable mortgage at 0 percent interest for 30 years.

Call (919) 560-4570, ext. 22244 today to apply.
Would you like to buy a home but think you can't? Contact our housing counselor to go over the details and get help with your purchase. Call (919) 560-4570, ext. 22244.
Latest News and Information
CASA - Denson Apartments - Ribbon Cutting
The first phase of the Denson Apartments, a Durham Department of Community Development project to help house low-income veterans has been completed in participation with Community Alternatives for Supportive Abodes (CASA), and the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency. A dedication ceremony was recently held at the Denson Apartments for Veterans in Durham. CASA is a non-profit dedicated to providing affordable housing, and has 65 units for veterans in the Triangle area.

More than $1.3 million in combined funding was pledged from the City of Durham, the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, the North Carolina Housing Finance Agency, and the Home Depot Foundation. An addition $27,000 was donated by individuals, churches and garden clubs in the Durham community in order to complete the first phase.

The 11 new units will provide safe and affordable homes for local veterans. The apartments are named after Alex Denson, a retired federal judge and the first board chair of CASA. The Department of Community Development is supporting the construction of 12 more veteran housing units under Phase II at the same site, which is expected to start soon.





Rental Opportunities
The Lofts at Southside - The temporary leasing office is located at 343 Chestnut St., Durham, NC 27701. Individuals interested should enter from Lakewood Avenue onto Memphis Street. For information, call (919) 973-2183.

Homeownership Opportunities
Image of Reginald J. Johnson
Reginald J. Johnson

Mailing Address
807 E. Main St.
Bldg. 2, Ste. 200

(919) 560-4570

(919) 560-4090